The Ultimate Always-Open House

Immersive3DTours provides 3D Visual Tours for an online experience for home buyers to move through a property and see it from any angle. Our distinct Dollhouse view gives home buyers a completely unique sense of the property.


More Than 360˚

360° panoramic tours seem like 3D at first glance, but they’re not. Only 3D real estate tours by MatterPort lets buyers actually move through a property as if they were really there. Furthermore, only Matterport offers a total sense of a home with our proprietary Dollhouse View.

Unlike 360° tours, 3D Visual Tours offer:

  • Delivery in hours

  • Completely immersive

  • Real-world dimensions

  • Easy sharing via URL

  • Highlight features

  • Virtual reality ready

2D Schematic Floor Plans

  • Professional black-and-white floor plans, quickly and easily generated from almost any 3D Visual Tour.

  • Generate next-level immersive experiences and traditional marketing collateral at the same time.

Increase value

  • Gain more from a 3D Visual Tour you’ve already captured by ordering a Schematic Floor Plan.

Eliminate multiple site visits

  • No need to hire an additional firm or return to the property to take measurements.

Save time

  • Order with the push of a button. Your Schematic Floor Plan will be delivered within two business days.




For real estate professionals, ImmersiveTags are key to turning online visitors into open-house attendees. They enable listing agents to highlight key upgrades and hidden features simply, within a Space, without interrupting the exploration experience.

ImmersiveTags turn Spaces into a multimedia hub. They’re anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you’re able to add descriptions and embed almost anything – like additional photos, video, or audio files – right in your 3D Space.

You can now showcase far more about a home, giving potential buyers even more reasons to be excited by the 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Enable buyers to learn more about the kitchen appliances by linking to product reviews.

  • Give users the freedom to explore the neighborhood by embedding Street View on the front door or the driveway.

  • Got a drone video?  Let users fly off the back porch and see what lies beyond!

  • Draw renters’ attention to the special features of each room with an audio narration.

  • Is there a separate guest house?  Embed that model directly in the 3D Visual Tour so they can take a quick look around and then return to the main model.

Showcase features, not just properties