1. If you are unable to make the appointment time, or need to cancel the shoot, you are required to give 24 hour notice beforehand. All appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

  2. If the photographer arrive at the home and are unable to enter the property, the property is non-navigable, or animals are not caged/restrained, the shoot will not happen and you will be charged the full amount.

  3. 3D Scans have a 24-48 hour turn-around time depending on the square footage and number of scans taken. We will strive to get your scans to you as soon as possible, but please note it may take up to 48 hours for 3D Scans.

  4. Please read our 'BEFORE WE ARRIVE' page for info on prepping your home before we arrive.

  5. If there are any special requests, please let us know before the shoot starts. We will try our best to accommodate your requests, but may not be able to in some situations.

  6. 3D Scans require the entire living space to be connected via doorway(s) (If a living space isn't connected by an interior doorway, it cannot appear in the 3D Scan. An additional 3D Tour may be captured for an added $30.00 + $0.02 per sqft) 

  7. 3D Scans cannot be edited. If there is something in the house you don't want scanned, remove it before the shoot. If you require the room(s) be re-scanned, the entire house must be scanned and billed as a new scan.

  8. Please understand that there are some areas of the home that may not be able to be scanned. For example: Inside small closets, behind tight fitting furniture, or small utility rooms, and rooms with narrow doorways. In these cases we make every attempt to scan the closest location to allow a 'doorway' view.

  9. 3D Scans can only be done in the interior of the property if you require measurements from the 3D Scan. We are able to shoot "360 shots" outside.

  10. Hosting: Your Matterport 3D scan will be hosted for free for the first year. If your scan needs to be available for a longer period of time we can continue to host a scan for an additional $99.00/year. Relist fees for Residential 3D Visual Tours are $89.00 accordingly.

  11. Matterport Restrictions: Due to the specialized nature of the camera, there are some restrictions on what it can do which may or may not be influenced by the type of property being scanned. Please be aware that:

  12. The camera does NOT allow for shooting in direct sunlight

  13. Windows facing direct sunlight and without proper coverings may experience overexposure

  14. There is a limit of 200 scans per property

  15. The scan can only include areas of the home that are accessible from the interior. 

  16. Payment: All services provided by Immersive3DTours must be paid before scanning/shooting via Mastercard/VISA/American Express/Debit, Cheque or Cash. If Immersive3DTours does NOT receive the required deposit sent through Square Processing on the day of the shoot, we will NOT proceed with the shoot.